Forecast, plan & optimize to maximize value.

Adaptive Decisioning Across Multiple Lenses and KPIs

A central solution within the GPS Enterprise platform, PROPHET, leverages the power of the data, analytics, and modeling in order to make data-driven decisions for business impact. PROPHET offers powerful, adaptive planning capabilities. Whether across brand portfolios, segments, or regions, you can optimize and balance using multiple KPIs to forecast results and optimize your spend based on different objectives.

Planning from Portfolio to Campaign Level

PROPHET planning provides full granularity to optimize at multiple levels and multiple dimensions including portfolio, strategic, campaign, and tactical – within or across marketing channels and campaigns through a powerful suite of forward-looking scenario planning and optimization tools. With holistic planning across your business, inclusive of marketing and non-marketing influences, PROPHET offers a full picture to drive impact across your organization.

Forecasting and Predictive Planning

PROPHET’s capabilities are integrated within the Commercial Mix Analytics framework and can be leveraged to solve for:

  • Annual, quarterly, or monthly spend optimization: Tools are leveraged to provide optimal spend allocation to drive value-based on client-specific objectives such as sales growth, increased profit, marketing efficiency, etc.
  • Holistic business forecasting: Inclusion of marketing and non-marketing drivers to forecast business performance
  • Tactical media planning: Scenarios for optimal flighting of media (incorporating response curves), allocation of TV spend across dayparts, networks, etc., allocation of display and OLV spend across partners, targets, etc., and more
  • Scenario planning: Providing risks, comparisons, and benefits of different plans; e.g. scenario planning is often used to provide quantified value of increased media support to senior management or highlights risks of budget cuts.
  • And more

Dynamic Decisioning Based on Real-Time Insights

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Analytic Partners’ Live Modeling seamlessly integrates with PROPHET Decisioning to ensure the most current insights. This provides near real-time decisioning support so that brands can mitigate risks and identify new growth opportunities. PROPHET Decisioning provides reporting and dashboard capabilities, enabling insights at your fingertips and access to searchable key learnings and Analytic Partners’ ROI Genome content.

Integrated Experiments to Address Unknowns in Decisioning

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Analytic Partners’ Agile Learning solution incorporates experiments into our holistic decisioning system to act decisively, reduce risk, and add confidence. Experiments address the unknown and offer an opportunity to supplement inconsistent and/or non-applicable historical data in order to quickly adapt. In addition, experiments can help obtain concrete business insights to guide businesses through volatility.

Forward-Looking Optimizations

Continuously build scenarios and simulate future marketing plans in real-time as well as provide optimizations and budget recommendations based on modeled results. Optimizations can be run leveraging constraints by marketing channel, and well as diminishing returns perspective in order to derive ideal allocations within a given budget based on objectives.


GPS Enterprise

GPS Enterprise, Analytic Partners’ proprietary end-to-end platform, powers the Analytic Partners’ Commercial Decisioning System. The core of this system is Commercial Mix Analytics. Commercial Mix Analytics is a unified commercial decisioning system that incorporates brand, customer, operational, and touchpoint analytics to provide strategic and tactical results with both granular customer and full business views. It is a forward-looking modeling and decisioning framework that overcomes the limitations of other solutions.