天气数据预测工具, 预测天气因素对消费者需求将产生的影响

Weather can have a profound effect on a business. A small change in the temperature and precipitation can make demand for a product spike or disappear; make an advertisement relevant or not; make a region understaffed, understocked, or undermarketed. While businesses have recognized weather as an important factor, they have relied on solutions that over-rely on past weather trends to forecast ahead. But the fact is, weather has become much more volatile and not following expected trends, leaving businesses unprepared to react.


Helio, Analytic Partners’ weather-influenced demand forecasting solution can actually quantify the impact of weather on business performance and provides businesses a competitive advantage by providing insights across an organization and can be set up in a matter of weeks. These predictive forecasts, fueled by machine learning, help answer important business questions by looking forward instead of backwards.

Insights For The Whole Organization

The Most Accurate Forecasts


Our partners leverage forecasting methodology that employs sophisticated models and leading scientists to produce the most accurate seasonal forecasts. Robust data with both long-range weather outlooks and best-in-class 10-day forecasts, provide powerful inputs for Helio.


Powerful Forecasting and Visualizations


Extremely accurate forecasts are pulled into Helio on an ongoing basis, where leading-edge machine learning models are leveraged to predict the demand – from a high level or down to a granular detail. Capturing sophisticated relationships in the data, the models are highly accurate with best-in-class predictive power and less than 3% monthly error.


Automated reporting allows for quick actionable information and provides tailored reports for different teams – for example media planners can receive a report of the top DMAs for the upcoming week to inform their buys, while the sales team receives a report that links recommended opportunities to focus on.

Cutting-Edge Machine Learning


Forecasts provide speed to insights and are powered by innovative machine learning techniques that are highly accurate, scalable, and sophisticated. Helio’s models capture non-linear relationships, sophisticated interactions and unique dynamics at a granular level to produce best-in-class predictions.


Across Teams and Across Industries


Helio drives intelligent decision making for teams in a wide range of industries.  Weather impacts nearly every kind of business and Helio can help in industries such as automotive, retail, manufacturing, financial services, hospitality, restaurants, OTC, packaged goods and more.

“Weather really impacts the business at Scotts and we needed a tool to help us identify both the opportunities and risks due to weather and that could be also used across the organization. Helio helps us predict what will happen rather than passively waiting. That allows all our teams to be sharper and more efficient.”

– Sarah Bader, Director, Insights & Analytics at Scotts Miracle-Gro